Presentation of the firm

Natal YITCKO Law Firm is an independent business firm created by Mr. YITCKO in 2011. He has established numerous partnerships with international law firms.

" An international firm "

The firm is made up of a team that works in different areas of law in order to provide clients with relevant assistance in the conduct of their business, whether in France or abroad.

By pooling their technical expertise and sectoral experiences, the lawyers of the Natal YITCKO firm work together in a pragmatic and concerted manner to implement projects as well as to resolve problems encountered by clients both in their daily activities and in the framework of exceptional and complex operations.

The involvement and closeness of the firm’s lawyers to their clients make them trusted partners, often associated with strategic business decisions.

Sharing a demanding and innovative vision of the legal profession, they are committed to offering the most concrete and effective solutions to their clients.

Open to the international market since its creation, the firm has numerous correspondents around the world. It is a member of the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocats) and is made up of lawyers who are also registered with foreign bars.

The firm's activity

Our firm independently ensures the contentious and pre-litigation defense of the interests of its clients in France and in an international framework, throughout the conflict and crisis situations they are confronted with, or fear to be.

It also uses mediation.

The organization of the Firm and the transversal working habits developed by its different teams make it possible, depending on the specifics of a case, to very quickly bring together a tailor-made work team that combines the different skills of the Firm (in particular the Law teams of companies, social law, property and tax law, commercial law, business criminal law and factoring law) to provide a global vision and the best anticipation and pragmatic management of the situation.

Its areas of intervention are as follows:


Our knowledge of the legal world and of civil, commercial, administrative and criminal proceedings allows us to assist French and foreign companies and their managers before French courts and authorities.


  • Commercial law litigation,
  • Litigation relating to contract law, competition and distribution,
  • Post-acquisition disputes or disputes related to the restructuring of companies or groups of companies,
  • Conflicts between shareholders or involving the liability of managers,
  • Disputes relating to factoring,
  • Litigation of industrial risks and liability for defective products,
  • Criminal business law.

Our Litigation team regularly intervenes in the context of complex situations that affect the strategic interests of its clients by endeavoring, at each stage of the crisis situation, to maintain a very close dialogue and allow the fastest possible resolution. litigation through, when necessary, the implementation of any emergency, preventive or alternative settlement procedures.

Our team also intervenes to ensure the effective execution of decisions obtained for the benefit of its clients.
To this end, our firm has developed within it an exclusive service in debt collection, thus allowing companies and decision-making bodies to outsource the collection of debts due very effectively.


The Natal YITCKO team supports its clients at every stage of their business project (from the incorporation of their company, to the implementation of complex operations):

  • Restructuring,
  • External growth,
  • Business transfer,
  • Letter of Intent,
  • Acquisition audits,
  • Transfer protocol,
  • Earn out agreement,
  • Guarantee of assets and liabilities,
  • Shareholders' agreement,
  • Equity transactions,
  • Implementation of a "management package",
  • Assistance within the framework of governance rules, etc (...)

Our Commercial Law team assists our French and foreign clients on all regulatory issues related to trade agreements and competition as well as for the drafting of commercial contracts that uses and regulations want more and more technical, whether in network or off-grid.

Whether they are general conditions of sale, commercial cooperation agreements, factoring contracts, concessions, supplies, agency contracts or the transfer of securities, our specialized lawyers master the legal techniques in adequacy with a knowledge of the "business" approach of many business sectors such as insurance, banking, the luxury sector, transport, financial services, online commerce, etc….

This knowledge also allows them to perfect a critical analysis in the context of acquisition audits where "commercial relations" aspects are often a predominant asset.

As part of our clients' retail activities, the team also provides assistance in the drafting and negotiation of commercial leases, so that our clients have end-to-end assistance with the negotiation of contracts. problematic, combined assistance with the team in charge of the issues concerned.


With recognized competence and know-how in the legal and judicial practice of factoring contracts, on behalf of large institutional financial companies in French factoring, our lawyers master all forms of this highly complex practice.

Our firm supports clients both to advise them in their projects and to develop this modern mode of financing by promoting effective, relevant and visionary assistance (Retail, classic factoring, or balance financing via reverse factoring, Subrogation , cash pledge, surety or right of set-off).

None of the many mechanisms governing this niche practice is beyond our competence and know-how.


Our labor law team assists its French and foreign clients in all areas of labor law and social security, with the ambition to offer them both technical tools and pragmatic solutions, in particular with a view to optimizing work organization and develop social dialogue within the company.

The team has been able to develop a highly integrated expertise in employment law, favoring a concrete approach and often very upstream of social matters, in interaction with the financial and accounting teams of clients, thus making it possible to address traditional subjects of employment law. at the heart of the operational and financial concerns of our customers and in particular:

  • Social management of restructuring,
  • Social management of mergers & acquisitions,
  • Social support for performance improvement plans ("quick wins"),
  • Employee savings and shareholding,
  • Statutes of the directors,
  • Individual labor relations,
  • Labor and social security litigation (URSSAF).

Faced with an increasingly complex and unstable legal and fiscal environment, and a growing internationalization of personal situations and assets, many questions arise for holders of professional or private assets :

  • How to organize and own your heritage?
  • How to transmit it?
  • What strategies to put in place?
  • By means of what legal and fiscal tools?
  • And how to ensure their sustainability?

To answer all these fundamental questions, our specialists, with their knowledge of business and private assets, put at your service their combined expertise in civil law, family and inheritance law, property law, tax law and Private International Law.

That is why, whether you are business leaders or holders of private assets, our firm favors a global, anticipatory and transversal approach.
Our firm supports you in defining your wealth strategy by offering you scenarios adapted to your personal situation as well as your long-term objectives. Then, we ensure its implementation and finally its security over time, by applying a rigorous methodology. The solutions that our firm offers you are pragmatic, innovative and perfectly secure.

Our relationships are built on trust and commitment.

Our firm supports its clients both for their advice in their projects of:

  • Transfer of businesses and / or private assets (Dutreil Pact, dismemberment of
  • Regularization of a bank account abroad,
  • Donations / Successions,
  • National and international management of assets and income (SCI, family SARL, SAS, tax regularization, asset restructuring ...),
  • Tax audits (Patrimonial study, assessment of the risk of recovery, etc.),
  • Income tax declarations (IR),
  • Monthly declarations on income received paid by a person established outside France or in France (form n ° 2778),
  • Solidarity tax declarations on wealth or on real estate assets (ISF / IFI),
  • Manual donation declarations,
  • Real estate taxation and real estate investment,
  • Tax exemption tools (SME investment, Duflot, Pinel, Girardin, Denormandie, etc.),
  • Retirement ,
  • International mobility assistance (international transfers: impatriation / expatriation),
  • Regime for impatriates (Art. 155 B of the CGI),
    Taxation of athletes and artists (Art 155 A of the CGI).

The firm has complementary expertise and offers a full service in the fields of :

The contract of carriage in French law and in international law :

  • Standard contracts, the LOTI, the Commercial Code, and the Transport Code,
  • Preparation and execution of transport,
  • Transport documents and consignment note,
  • Delivery of goods and formalities at destination,
  • The price of transport and ancillary services,
  • Passenger transport,
  • The transport contract in other countries of the European Union (in particular in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria),
  • Road transport and CMR,
  • River transport and CMNI,
  • The special regime for navigation on the Rhine and the Mannheim Convention,
  • Air transport and the Montreal
  • Convention,
  • Maritime transport,
  • Rail transport,
  • Exceptional transport,
  • Refrigerated transport under controlled temperature..

Contracts related to transport :

  • The transport commission contract and the standard contract,
  • The vehicle rental contract with or without driver,
  • The moving contract,
  • The storage contract,
  • The customs commission,
  • The conveyance.

Logistics services :

  • Handling, lifting, storage and shipping,
  • Transit,
  • Deposit.

Transport insurance :

  • Liability insurance and ad valorem insurance,
  • Declaration of value and declaration of special interest on delivery,
  • The order to insure,
  • Subrogatory recourse against the responsible third party,
  • Recourse between successive carriers.

Debt collection and "Gayssot law" :

  • Direct action by the carrier in payment of freight against the recipient and the sender,
  • Privilege of the carrier and the freight forwarder,
  • Payment period.

Road transport regulations :

  • Access to the profession and to the market,
  • Administrative rules in international transport (cabotage),
  • Transport for own account,
  • Social regulations, working hours for driving staff,
  • Offenses and criminal liability of the transport company and the shipper.

Transport litigation and procedure :

  • Prescriptions and foreclosure (time limits, suspension, interruption),
  • The liability of the carrier and the commission agent and the grounds for exemption,
  • Limitations of compensation, gross negligence and inexcusable fault,
  • The guarantee call,
  • Jurisdiction and applicable law.